Microsoft came up with .NET framework which is a software development structure. With the help of .NET, software can be designed, set – up and executed on windows based OS. It offers a highly efficient, standards based environment to merge existing investments with next – generation application and services and quickness to solve the issues of deployment and working of Internet – scale applications.

The .NET framework makes it possible for developers to use any programming language and for applications written in other programming language to easily merge with each other. It decreases the quantity of code required. It includes technologies which makes applications quite reliable. .NET has made large advances with respect to mobile phones; applications developed on .NET framework are mobile compatible. It has manageability means it is easy to run and manage applications developed by .NET. .NET Framework has usability feature i.e. it supports the merger of many programming languages which helps the developers to choose the accurate programming language for the task assigned to them. It increases the efficiency and productivity of business. It has high speed of development, Robustness, scalability and is highly secured. .NET framework improves the performance of the conventional web applications. .NET’s library provides various functionalities to ease up development. It also makes it possible to exchange data among all the languages which support .NET.

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