Windows application are having a great demand in smart phones and other devices. It is a smart operating system which can be used for emails, games, chats, sharing documents etc. The demand for Windows made Microsoft develop applications which has gained popularity in the market. This popularity has given developers a variety of options to develop windows mobile application. Windows mobile is a compact version of desktop windows operating system which resembles it with respect to features. It has been updated many times; the current version is Windows Mobile 8.

Windows Mobile Applications has many benefits. Its features are easy to use. It has Microsoft’s name attached to it which gives acceptability among users. It has given a strong competition to other mobile applications. It has alliance with .NET which is more rewarding. It also has strong security. It addresses the needs of different customers and businesses to increase the demand of its mobile application and gives high return on investment. Window Mobile applications can also be customized based on user needs which gives rich navigation experience.

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