The modern day business is Internet driven and to create a thumping impression on web you require well developed website, which vividly reflects your business and draws large number of prospective visitors with high conversion rates. To make this happen you need help of a professional website design and development company like Accusol. This is how we help you out.

  • Completely design and develop your website  from scratch as per your requirements
  • Re-design  your existing website to improves its visualization, performance and ability to convert more visitors  into buyers
  • Make your website a’’ living’’ one by embedding interactive features like video and audio links, animations and graphics so that its reacts to end- user queries like an living entity
  • Design, develop and embed Rich Internet Applications(RIAs) to make your website dynamic one so that it easily satisfies on-demand requirements of your clients
  • Ensure that website is navigable and SEO friendly so that it gets higher search engine ranking to give your business greater visibility on net

Our Website Development Methology

We firmly believe in clients’ satisfaction and value their time and money invested with us. Hence we follow a well-defined website development methodology, which ensures that outcome exceeds their expectations. Following is our website development methodology:

  • Brainstorming - This is a crucial phase in which our experts interact with you to know your exact website design and development requirements. They assess your projected goals, targeted customer base, products/services offered and entire business set up to come up with suitable site map and website architecture.
  • Design and Development - Based on the sitemap and website architecture, designers design all the web pages and create wireframes, which point out the exact location where images, texts, graphics and other content will be placed to give website the required visualization. The website development team follows all the W3C standards and incorporates latest technology like HTML5 and CSS to create a static or dynamic website as demanded by you.
  • Testing and Deployment - Once the website is ready, necessary de-bugging is carried out and all the shortcomings are ironed out to ensure that no performance issues arise, post-deployment.

Scope of our Website Development Services

Accusol has extensive experience in design and development of websites for organizations that come from different industry verticals. Following are various types of websites developed by us :

  • Dynamic Online web portals for Real Estate, Stock markets, Forex, etc that require continuous content up- gradation
  • Static website preferred by Corporate and Business organizations
  • E-commerce website for online shopping companies

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