Accusol is completely focused on delivering world class business software solutions to its clients. Constant innovation is our buzzword and at Accusol we embrace latest technological platforms to build cutting-edge ERP, POS and CRM solutions, which help our clients realize their goals in cost-efficient manner.

Our vision is to become leading and preferred provider in India of business software solutions for SMEs and this drives us ahead to absorb latest technological advancements in our work practices. Our goal is to build and deliver mission critical IT solutions for SME segment, which empowers them to enhance their core business competency.


We regularly carry out of self-appraisal and improve our capabilities to serve our clients in a better way. At Accusol, we imbibe following core values in our daily work place practices so that our business solutions meet or exceed our clients’ expectations:

  • Customer - Centric Approach - We commit ourselves to serving our clients with outstanding solutions/services in time-bound, confidential, cost-efficient manner
  • Complete Collaboration - We see our clients as an extension of our organization and inculcate spirit of cooperation to work with us towards fulfillment of their goals
  • Team Spirit - Our employees are our family members bound together by common objective to achieve excellence in their work sphere and help Accusol achieve its set goals
  • Personal Growth - Employees are valuable asset of organization and at Accusol, we ensure that they grow on professional and personal levels, and contribute zealously to the betterment of the organization and its clients
  • Excellence and Efficiency - We value our clients’ investment of their time and money with us and reciprocate it with our excellent output that enhances their core business efficiency