eLiteERP is our generic ERP software solution for small and medium sized enterprises that want to boost business productivity in a small budget. We realize that budget constraints prevent them from buying costly IT solutions, needed to meet the changing needs of their clients. Hence we have come up with an innovative ERP software product, known as eLiteERP which serves the needs of micro and medium sized businesses on technology and cost front.

Key Features

eLiteERP is configurable resource planning software for small business . It streamlines all workflow processes and provides you an interactive interface through, which you can monitor your entire business, at click of buttons. The below mentioned salient features of this ERP software product give you a good idea about how valuable this product can be to your business.

  • Windows based  ERP software solution
  • Pre-configured modules  ensure quick and easy implementation
  • Multi-currency and multi-location features connect you with your customers and  partners, across the globe.
  • Pre-configured with all regulatory and statutory compliances like Excise, Service Tax, VAT & TDS
  • Modules   and system hierarchy can be easily scaled to meet  future business requirements
  • Supports smooth migration of your  legacy applications 
  • Highly secure user  authorization and management mechanism
  • Interactive dashboard with real time reporting features. Provision to customize reports according to needs of the end-user
  • SMS integration for sales, delivery and payment reminders
  • Powerful and informative reporting system, with facility to export reports to authorized users in any part of world

Functional Modules

eLiteERP has different modules, which fulfill different requirements of your business. These easy -to –install and operate modules can be shaped to function according to your requirements so that you get maximum productivity out of your business. Following are different modules of our product:

  • Finance - Helps you  manage your  cash and assets, besides taking care of Ledger accounts, bank entries and other finance related activities with facility to  export requisite reports to external agency
  • Purchase - Provides complete vendor management  solutions and monitors the material purchase process from beginning to end
  • Inventory - This module helps you track inventories across different locations in your plant or groups of plants. It uses RFID and Bar code tracking technologies for smooth and cost-effective management  of materials
  • Production - Helps plan production process and monitors  each and every phase, including  product  and scrap movement
  • Sales and Distribution - Monitors and controls entire sales cycle, which includes generating sales schemes, invoices, delivery reports and maintaining records of commissions paid to agents/brokers, etc
  • Quality Control - Helps create quality control parameters according requirements and monitors compliance of various processes and materials (finished, raw and under process) to set benchmarks.
  • System Administration - This module  governs the entire system and defines user roles with access rights so that integrity and security of the system remains intact


eLiteERP is a versatile ERP software solution that equips you with set of functionalities, which help your overcome business challenges in cost-effective manner. Following are the benefits of our product:

  • Makes your business, Micro or small, competitive in the market
  • Completely integrates all business processes and provides you  a bigger picture at click of buttons
  • Eliminates unproductive processes to raise your ROI
  • Streamlines workflow, reduces operational costs  and time
  • Ensures rapid deployment so that your business is up and running at short notice
  • Provides quick access to accurate information
  • Renders transparency across the enterprise, whereby users can access, share and utilize information to take informed decisions

eLiteERP is resourceful ERP software solution, which satisfactorily serves needs of industries like, Hospitality, Mining, Education/Learning, Cement, Manufacturing, Processing and Retail.